Collection Consists of Volumes Chosen From Literature, Periodicals and Publications of Czech Academy

Large and important additions have been made to the collection of books from Czechoslovakia in the Widener Library. The books have been selected on the advice of Professor P. M. Haskavee of the new University of Bruno and Professor Jan Jakubec of the University of Prague.

There are three classes of the books: the first consists of 140 volumes of Czechoslovak literature, novels, plays, and poetry of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, selected on account of their representative character and their importance in the study of comparative literature. A second class is sets of periodicals: 42 volumes of "Listy Filogoicke" (Journal of Philology) and 25 volumes of "Wase Dola" (Our Times). Finally there is a large contribution of 92 volumes of the publications by the Czech Academy on philology in general and Czechoslavak in particular. Many of these last volumes are rapidly becoming unobtainable and were taken from the "iron drawers" where the last few copies of the books are kept.