Ames-Gray Wins Over Chafee Club in Case on Law of Sales in Second-Year Finals of Law School Trials

In the last trial of the finals of the second-year Ames Competition, held last night in Austin North, the Ames-Gray Club of the Law School defeated the Chafee Club in a case in which the law of sales was involved. J. H. Murchison 2L. and Webster Atwell 2L. represented the winning club, which was the plaintiff in the case. L. W. Smith 2L. and K. D. Johnson 2L. were the losing defendants. The judges were Professor C. A. McLain '13, Chief Justice, and Messrs. M. F. Weston and W. A. Barrows, Justices.

This completes the second-year Ames Competition, in which eight clubs took part. They were George Gray, Scott, Marshall, Beale, Pound, Ames-Gray, and Hudson. Last fall, about 23 clubs began competing, the decisions being made on the basis of a series of mock-trials, in which each club was represented by two men. After four rounds, the eight clubs with the highest percentages and greatest number of points were picked to take part in the round which was finished last night. On Monday night, Scott defeated Hudson, and on Tuesday and Wednesday nights respectively, Marshall, defeated Pound and George Gray won a decision over Beale. These three clubs, Scott, Marshall, and Pound, with last night's winner, are eligible to compete in the semi-finals next fall, the two winners of which will take part in the finals.

The Ames Competition has long been one of the most noteworthy features of the Law School, lasting during the entire three-year course. Each man competing represents his club, first in the first-year round, then in the second-year round, and finally in the third-year rounds, provided that his club gets into the semi-finals.