Complete Long-Distance Receiving Set Now Installed in Westmorly--To be in Operation Every Evening--Club Now Comprises 30 Members

Beginning in the second half-year the University Wireless Club is planning a series of open monthly meetings in the Wireless Club room on the ground floor of Westmorly, at which there will be radio concerts and speakers to discuss the various phases of the subject.

In the second half-year under a continuous operating schedule an operator will be on the station; IAF, from 8 o'clock in the evening until after midnight. Steps are also being taken to maintain a regular schedule with other colleges which have radio organizations. J. K. Henney 2G., chief operator, has stated that the club will be glad to send messages for the members of the University regardless of the distance, and will give information to any men interested in radio.

About 30 undergraduates are connected with the club, which has been materially assisted by Professor G. W. Pierce '99, director of the Cruft Memorial Laboratory. The club maintains a transmitting outfit of two types, one a vacuum tube transmitter of 10 watts power, known as the C-W type, with which they have communicated with Washington, D. C., New York, New Jersey, and stations nearer. It is planned to install a larger set of 50 watts power in connection with which they will have a radiophone. The usual receiving equipment with two stages of amplification has given good results, enabling the club to hear from points as far as the seventh district in Oregon. N. K. Fairbank '24 has installed an outfit in the Wireless Room with a long wave receiver which is designed to receive from foreign stations. Messages have been received already from Paris, France, and New Brunswick, Canada. The American Radio and Research Corporation has given the club equipment which has contributed largely to the success achieved in the matter of receiving. The equipment has been arranged in conventional panel form, and will thus constitute a permanent part of the club's outfit.