In accordance with the recently established conference system, the committee in charge of the vocational system has secured the consent of Dean W. B. Donham '98 of the Graduate School of Business Administration and Mr. A. M. White '92, a banker of New York City to hold conferences with those members of the University who wish additional information, after the next vocational lecture. In addition two prominent Boston business men have tentatively accepted the invitation to act as advisers at these conferences.

All members of the University who wish to secure conferences with these men may sign for conference periods in the blue books now on the desk in the main reading room of Widener.

"Business as a Career" will be the subject of the lecture Monday. The speaker will be Mr. E. F. Gay, Hon. '18, president of the New York Evening Post, and former Dean of the Graduate School of Business. The lecture will be held in the Living Room of the Union at 8 o'clock and is primarily for the benefit of the undergraduate who has not definitely decided upon his life work.