Types Range From Muzzle-Loading Flintlock to Modern Automatic Revolver--"Pepper Box" Gun Ingenious

The Military Science Department has on exhibition in the basement of the Freshman Athletic Building its annual display of small arms. The types of firearms range from the old revolutionary muzzle-loading flintlock to the modern automatic pistol and double action revolver.

The flintlocks are all highly ornamented and highly embossed. The next small arm development is shown by the percussion cap pistol used during the war of 1812. Perhaps the most interesting and ingenious gun on exhibition is the "pepper box" from which the modern revolver originated. The "pepper box" is a small weapon about six inches in length with a revolving cylinder which is divided into six parts, each of which forms a barrel. Then there are types of the revolver which were used during the Civil War and resemble the modern revolver. Finally there is a case containing modern small arms used in present-day warfare. They are single and double action revolvers and Colt and Mauser automatic pistols.