Defeat University by Score of 20-3 at New Haven Saturday--E. H. Bates '25 in 175-1b. Class Wins for Crimson

For the seventh time in as many years the Yale wrestlers defeated the University team last Saturday evening at New Haven by a score of 20-3. E. H. Bates '25 was the only Crimson wrestler who won his match, defeating Wattles by decision with a time advantage of 3 minutes and 35 seconds.

The one victory by fall that Yale earned was that of Batty of Yale over T. W. Hoag '25 by a half nelson and a body hold after 8 minutes 28 seconds of wrestling. This was Batty's first time on the mat this year, he having replaced Captain Mackay a short time before the meet. Captain H. J. Freedman '23 was defeated by Wallace on a decision. Wallace, who is the intercollegiate champion, has thrown all of his opponents in previous matches this year.

The summary:

115-Pound Class. Duffy (Y) defeated W. C. Westhaver '24 by decision. Time advantage in extra period of 4m. 46s.

125-Pound Class.--Illingsworth (Y) defeated L. B. Smith '25 by decision. Time advantage 4m. 40s.

135-Pound Class.--Wallace (Y) defeated Captain H. J. Freedman '23 by decision. Time advantage, 3m. 42s.

145-Pound Class.--Winters (Y) defeated Curtis Nelson '24 by decision. Time advantage, 4m. 48s.

158-Pound Class.--Roberts (Y) defeated D. W. Evans 2E.S. by decision. Time advantage, 4m. 28s.

175-Pound Class.--E. H. Bates '25 defeated, Wattles (Y) by decision. Time advantage, 3m. 35s.

Unlimited Class.--Batty (Y) defeated T. W. Hoag '25 by fall. Time, 8m. 28s.