University Team, Led by Captain E. H. Lane '94, Enters Last Meet Before Yale Contest and Intercollegiate

This afternoon at 3 o'clock on the main floor of the Hemenway gymnasium the University fencers will meet the M. I. T. team in the last match before the Yale meet next week. M. I. T. has a stronger team than last year's, and has had more time to develop, since this year's meet comes later in the schedule than ever before.

The University will line up with Captain E. H. Lane '24, E. L. Lane '24, and Roland Fleer '24 in the foils events, and C. J. Shearn '23 and J. K. Watson '23 with the duelling swords. Lendon Snedeker '25 and G. S. Sharp '25 will probably also take part with the foils.

The M. I. T. team will be composed of Ferrera; Elkins, and Walker with the foils, and Blake and Stoley with the duelling swords.

The University fencers have won five out of six matches this year and have only two more after today's. Next Saturday they will face Yale at New Haven and on April 12 and 13 they will take part in the Intercollegiate meet at the Hotel Astor, New York.