Committee Votes Unanimously to Move Date Forward to Avoid Conflict With Freshman Baseball Game With Yale

At a meeting last night of the Freshman Jubilee Committee it was unanimously voted to hold the Jubilee on Friday, May 25. This date is five days earlier than usual, but was chosen in order not to conflict with the Freshman baseball game with Yale.

Charles Lewis Harding Jr., of Dedham and John Elliott Knowlton of West Upton were appointed to arrange about the music for the evening. It was decided that there will be two orchestras as usual, one playing in the Smith Halls Common Room and the other in the dining room.

On the advice of the 1925 Jubilee Advisory Board, it was suggested that the dance be made shorter than usual, but nothing else was definitely planned. There will be another meeting next week, however, and it is expected that fuller details will be announced at that time.