Veterans of Many College Teams in Early Ranking--E. T. Herndon 2G.B., Winner of Fall University Tournament, in First Position in Line-Up

The complete revised schedule of the University Business School tennis team, which was announced yesterday, consists of the following ten matches:

April 4.--Harvard at Divinity Field. (practice).

April 11.--Harvard at Divinity Field. (practice).

April 25.--M. I. T. at Chestnut Hill, Brookline. (9 matches).

April 28.--Harvard at Divinity Field. (9 matches).

May 2.--Tufts at Divinity Field or at Chestnut Hill. (6 matches).

May 5.--Harvard Law School at Divinity Field. (9 matches).

May 12.--Newton Tennis Club at Newton. (9 matches).

May 16.--Williams at Williams town. (6 matches).

May 19.--Agawam Hunt Club at Providence. (9 matches).

May 26.--Longwood Cricket Club at Chestnut Hill. (9 matches).

The present ranking of the squad, determined by the Fall ranking tournament of the Business School held last October, follows:

1. E. T. Herndon 2G.B., captain, winner of the singles and doubles championships in the University and the Business School fall tournaments.

2. H. M. Stevens 2G.B., captain of the 1920 University of California team and winner of the Oregon state doubles championship with Elmer Griffin in 1922.

3. W. G. Bottimore 2G.B., member of the 1920 Emery and Henry College team.

4. G. T. Mall 2G.B., member of the 1921 De Pauw University team.

5. R. R. Thompson 2G.B., who won the singles, doubles, and mixed doubles in the University of California Summer School championship in 1921.

6. C. P. Tenneson 2G.B., member of the 1919 University of Minnesota team.

7. Stanborough Fernald 1G.B., of the 1921 Wesleyan team.

8. O. M. Root 2G.B., winner of the Business School singles tournament in 1922 and runner-up in the 1921 University tournament.

9. G. E. Gilchrist 1G.B., member of Yale 1922 class team.

10. K. R. Ward 1G.B., of the 1922 Marietta College team.

11. H. D. Friedman 1G.B., of the 1922 Union College team.

12. F. McG. Bundy 2G.B., captain of the 1921 Yale team and doubles champion with E. T. Herndon 2G.B. in the fall Business School tournament.

13. R. N. Bradley 1G.B., a member of the 1922 University team.

Other members of the squad are S. F. Nicholson 2G.B., H. D. Wilson 2G.B., E. S. Boardman 1G.B., Charles Robinson 1G.B., P. S. Young 1G.B., William Fickinger 1G.B., J. C. Baker 2G.B., and Berkeley Gainor 2G.B.

Indoor practice for the members of the team itself will begin in about a week at the courts of the Longwood Cricket Club. Practice for the whole squad will be started as soon as the outdoor courts are in condition.

A blue-book will be posted in the Business School room of the Widener Library in which candidates for the tennis squad may sign. A series of elimination trials will then be held in the spring after which the best of the candidates will be added to the squad.