Finishes Four Lengths Ahead of "Black" Oarsmen in Race Over Basin Course-Four-Oar Crew Not Yet Chosen

A strenuous work-out was once more the order of the day for the University crews yesterday afternoon. The two eights paddled down to the Basin together and, as has been the case for the past ten days, were put through a long row interspersed with trial brushes at a high stroke.

As a result of the work accomplished during the vacation, when the University squad returned to College on Tuesday the 17th, Coach Muller has been able to form a fairly definite choice as to the boating of the oarsmen. In all probability, therefore, the crew which makes the trip to Princeton a week from Saturday to race the Orange and Black and Navy eights on Lake Carnegie will be boated as follows.

Bow, S. B. Kelley '25; 2, H. S. Morgan '23; 3, G. R. Johnson '25; 4, C. K. Cummings '23; 5, B. McK Henry '24; 6, A. H. Ladd Jr. '23; 7, H. H. Fuller '23; stroke, S. N. Brown '24; cox., S. C. Badger '23.

An encouraging sign for the coming struggle with the Princeton Freshman and Navy plebes was the victory of the 1926 "Red" crew over the "Blacks" on the Basin yesterday afternoon. Although the race was over the full distance of a mile and seven-eighths the winners appeared to stand the pace without difficulty and finished four lengths to the good. The Union Boat Club crew also was in at the get-away but dropped out at the Henley flags.

The Freshman four-oar crew which which will make the trip to Exeter the day after tomorrow has not yet been chosen due to the fact that in the elimination trials yesterday only Crew A finished. The others, Crews B, C, and D will race at 5.30 o'clock this afternoon and it is probable that the final selection will be made tonight.