Mr. M. L. Frederick Tells of Course in Business Training Offered by General Electric Company

From 9 to 12 this morning Mr. M. L. Frederick, of the General Electric Company, will be in the Alumni Association office in Wadsworth House to hold conferences with men who are interested in the Business Training Course which the company offers at its plant in Schenectady, N. Y. Any member of the University may obtain an interview by signing up in the bluebook posted in the Alumni office.

"The General Electric Company", declared Mr. Frederick last night in an informal talk in Harvard 1 during which he outlined the training given in the course, "rates a business career for college graduates with the professions. Because of this, the company provides an opportunity for college men to prepare for business, as they do for legal or medical practice, by a period of practical work and study in a business atmosphere and by a method which fixes firmly in their minds the principles of business. In its course the company gives classes in accounting and business law along with work in the accounting, publication, and advertising departments and other non-technical activities of the firm's operation".

"Students in this course, lke the professional interne, accomplish", Mr. Frederick concluded, "three things at once: they earn a respectable living, they receive instruction in the principles of their profession, and they obtain much practical experience".