The University fencing team will go into their meet tonight at New Haven with the odds slightly against them, for the comparative scores are in Yale's favor. Although the University team has had a very successful season, losing only the match with West Point on March 12 by the score of 6-5, Yale has done even better, defeating West Point 10-7. The latter did, however, drop a game to the strong Navy team. The one match seeming to indicate a Harvard victory was that with the Dartmouth team, which was defeated 7-2 by the University and only 8-6 by Yale. Yale has had the decided advantage of meeting two more teams than the University fencers.

The most dangerous man on the Yale team is Captain Davenport, who, out of 21 matches with the foils, has won 17 and lost only 4, while with the sabres he has won 10 and lost 3. Another strong opponent is S. C. Huntington '24, who tied for fifth place in the Intercollegiates last year. He has won 16 and lost 5 with the foils, and was the only man on the team to win two out of his three matches against the Navy. Coach Grasson, who is ex-epee champion of Belgium, has made great progress with the experienced material at his disposal towards developing a powerful team, and the outcome of tonight's contest depends a great deal on Captain E. H. Lane '24, who has shown up brilliantly so far this season.

It is expected that the Blue fencers will put up a particularly stiff fight because of their defeat last year at the hands of the University team.

The team that will meet Yale tonight is as follows: Foils: Captain E. H. Lane '24, E. L. Lane '24, Roland Fleer '24, G. S. Sharp '24, Lendon Snedeker '25. Dueling swords: C. J. Shearn '23, J. K. Watson '23.