C. E. Fribley Is Chosen Manager for Next Year

Robert Nelson Bradley 1G.B. of Toledo, O., a player on the University tennis team for three years and at present number 3 on the Business School team, was yesterday elected captain of the Business School team. He succeeds E. T. Herndon 2G.B., a former Princeton player, who was this year's leader.

Carl Edward Fribley 1G.B. who, as assistant manager, conducted the Business School spring singles tournament, was named manager for next year to succeed C. P. Tenneson 2G.B.

Since only three of the first ten Business School players will be available for the team next year, the other members will be picked by the fall ranking tournament, which will be held in October. In addition to Captain-elect Bradley, J. M. Young 1G.B., numerous players who are now undergraduates, including Lucian Williams and Macy Wheeley of Yale, A. H. Chapin Jr. of Williams, Captain Lyman Tremaine of M. I. T., and Captain Morris Duane '23 of the University, are expected to strengthen the team.