Over Cornell--University Team Meets Norwich in Initial Contest Tuesday

Yale to meet Cornell in the fits match for the R. O. T. C. intercollegiate polo Championship of the East at Fort Hamilton Governor's islands N. Y., this afternoon. The winner this match will meet on next Thursday the victor of the Harvard Norwich match on Tuesday. Although both Yale and Corner will enter the contest today with no handicap, Yale is favored to win as it has had slightly more experience and at the same time, has beaten the Pennsylvania Military College 6 to 4, white Cornell lost to the same team by the score of 5 to 8.

The University R. O. T. C. team has not been definitely selected, but by the end of the week Major Goets will choose the, team that will leave for Fort Hamilton on Monday.

Among those who have engaged boxes for the entire tournament are: Brigadier General Cornellus Vanderbilt W. S. Graver, Mortimer L. Shiff; Lieutenant General Robert Lee Ballard, Otto H. Kahn, Judge Elbert H. Gary, Colonel Will II. Hays, Mr. Payne Whitney.