President and Fellows Approve Recommendations of 12 Instructors, and 30 Proctors for 1923-24

At the recent meeting of the President and Fellows of Harvard College, 12 appointments to the instructing staff for the academic year 1923-24 were approved. In addition 30 new proctors were appointed. The list of appointments follow:

For the first half of the academic year 1923-24:--

George Matthew Dutcher, Ph.D., Lecturer on History.

For one year from September 1, 1923:--

Harry Knowles Messenger, A.M., Tutor in the Division of Ancient Languages.

Martin Mower, Instructor in Rendering (School of Architecture).

William Theodore Richards, A.B., Assistant to the Director of the Wolcott Gibbs Memorial Laboratory.

James William Davenport Seymour, A.B., Secretary to the University for Information and Secretary for Alumni Affairs.

Instructors for one year from September 1, 1923:

Edward James Baldes, A. M. (Physics).

Merrill Thornton Dow, S.B., A.M. (Physics).

Maynard Fred Jordan, A.M. (Astronomy).

Assistants for one year from September 1, 1923:--

Claude Watson Bruce, A.M. (Astronomy).

Frederick Hales Drake (Physics).