"To help Europe's future leaders to help themselves is the stated purpose of the Student Friendship Fund as I understand it," said Edward A. Filene of William Filene and Sons yesterday, when he was asked to make a statement about the drive for $5000 which is now being carried on in all departments of the University.

Mr. Filene's statement continued, "I am in sympathy with an enterprise such as this, which, I am told, is giving 150,000 students in 16 war-ridden nations of Europe a chance to carry on with their studies. It is significant, I believe, that there are no creedal, racial, or national discriminations in the administration of this Fund. The world today needs some practical illustrations of the possibilities of applied idealism. This cooperation of the college youth of 36 nations in the Student Friendship Fund is one such illustration. I believe in that sort of thing."