Final Returns Give Coolidge 2573, Davis 1200, and La Follette 789

Sweeping the University even more completely than Harding did in 1920, Calvin Coolidge, the republican nominee, in the CRIMSON straw vote yesterday led Davis more than two to one in what was the most thorough poll on presidential nominees ever taken in the University. Coolidge polled 2573 votes, Davis received 1200, and La Follette, 789.

Since the vote represents sentiment from every state in the Union and has such a general Republican tinge, it would seem to indicate a large majority for Coolidge at the election on November 4. Coolidge carried every department of the University and was not even pressed by Davis except in the Law School which gave Coolidge 320 out of 708 votes, and Davis 251. This year Coolidge polled 56.1 per cent of the total vote cast while in the CRIMSON poll of 1920, the year of the Republican landslide, Harding polled only 52.7 per cent of the total vote.

Faculty Strongly Republican

Coolidge received his largest proportionate vote among the Faculty members who gave him 275 out of 387 votes or 71.1 per cent of the total Faculty vote. He likewise ran high in the Business School, where La Follette was weakest.

The Wisconsin candidate led Davis in only one department, the Theological School, which seems to have a strong dislike for the Democratic nominee.

In the CRIMSON'S straw vote of 1920, the total number of ballots cast was 2030. These votes were distributed among the five men on the ballot, as follows: Harding, 1075; Cox, 805; Debs, 110; Christensen, 31; and Watkins, 9. Four years ago the Republican candidate had 52.7 per cent of the total vote and his Democratic opponent 39.6 per cent. This year the Republican majority has risen to 56.1 per cent of the total, while the Democrats have fallen to a 26.2 per cent vote. The loss of the Democrats this year has gone into the making of the big third party vote, which this year reached 17.2 per cent.