"Did'u vote yesterday, Jack?"

"Sure thing, an' I guess Coolidge won alright; anyway he got mine."

"Whassamatter with Davis, anyway?"

"Well, what has he got that Coolidge hasn't? He may talk more but do you remember any more what he says than what Coolidge says? Near's I can see he slams everybody around Coolidge, but he can't seem to ring the bell."

"Davis has a lotta diplomatic experience."

"Yeh, but we don't need diplomats for presidents, we want business men."

"How bout La Follette."

"Oh, Bob may take in the hicks from Mudville with his game of hunt the monopoly under the shell, but we know better."

"But La Follette is going to help the people."

"Yeh, and so is every other candidate. Trouble with Bob is, he's too crude about it.

"Well, anyway, Coolidge won."

"Yeh, he won, alright."