The perennial suggestion of Mr. H. R. Coffin '94 that the football rules be amended so as to provide for a certain number of plays per game instead of playing for a certain number of minutes per game was denounced by Head Coach Fisher and Major F. W. Moore '93, Graduate Treasurer of the Harvard Athletic Association, last night.

Mr. Coffin has succeeded in converting Dr. Charles Whelan, Boston University Coach, to his scheme and the latter has set a movement on foot to experiment with it in the coming game between Boston University and Brown on October 18. The main feature of Mr. Coffin's argument is that the "downs" in football are comparable with the "outs" in baseball and should be treated in the same manner.

"That's an old story", said Coach Fisher, "and has been before the Rules Committee several times. The acceptance of this suggestion seems to be the sole purpose of Mr. Coffin's existence and I am rather sick of expressing my opinions on the subject annually. If I have anything to say, the experiment will never be tried out in the Stadium."

Major Moore laughed when he was questioned. "I wouldn't mind seeing the idea tried out by any other team. It will be very interesting and may persuade Mr. Coffin to agree with the Harvard coaching staff."