Plan Elaborate System of Tournaments Made Probable by New Courts

Immediately after the close of the Freshman tennis tournaments today, Dormitory tennis teams will be chosen for a new tournament.

Only those Freshmen who elected tennis as their fall exercise may participate in these tournaments, of which each dormitory is playing six. There is a tournament for each dormitory for each of the three hours, and besides these regular matches there are three Compensation tournaments for each dormitory, one for each period. These compensation tournaments are made up of those men who were defeated in the first round of the regular matches.

The dormitory teams will be made up of the four semi-finalists of the regular tournaments, and the winner of each of the compensation tournaments.

Most of the semi-final matches were played yesterday, and the finals are scheduled to be played today. As soon as the dormitory teams have been made up the Inter-Dormitory tennis matches will start. Each dormitory will have three teams of five men each, and the dormitory which wins the largest number of matches will win the regular tournament.

The new tennis courts built during the summer have made this series of matches possible, and a great many more men than usual have reported for tennis this year.