When asked his opinion about the game after it was all over Coach Roper of Princeton said. "The score speaks for itself." So do the charts.

In the first half the University eleven rushed the ball eight times for a total gain of 16 yards Princeton gained 163 yards on 26 rushes, or an average of six yards per play. These plays included eight forward passes, of which four were successfully completed. The ball was fumbled twice but recovered. Thirteen first downs were achieved as compared with none for the University team.

In this half Harvard kicked off three times: once over the foul line; and the other two for a total of 95 yards, which Princeton ran back for a total of 70 yards. The University eleven outpunted Princeton slightly with six punts for 268 yards, as compared with five for 221 yards for the Tigers.

In the second half we find the University's offensive power decreasing to a new low level with a total of 44 yards gained in 28 rushes, or an average of 15 yards per play, as compared with two yards per play in the first half. Of these plays 13 were forward passes, seven of which were incomplete, three intercepted, two caught for first downs, and one caught without gain of distance.

Although Princeton scored more points in the second half than in the first the Tigers did not have such a large average gain in rushes, which seems to point out that the University was putting up a stiffer defense. However, in this regard the figures cannot be taken literally. They only show that Princeton had less difficulty in scoring this half and did not have to march up and down the field several times before realizing their desires as in the first half. Princeton rushed the ball 37 times for gains of 123 yards and leases of 21, making first down seven times. These included a toward pass that resulted in a gain of 26 yards and a series of seven plays for 97 yards and a touchdown.

In this half the University team kicked off four times for 180 yards, Princeton running back 104 yards. Three punts totalling 100 yards. The lone Princeton kick-off of 40 yards was run back 20 Four Tiger punts added up to 138 yards and a fifth went over the goal line from mid field.