Bitter, indeed to all Harvard men is the announcement of the resignation of Professor Baker. No one can blame him. It is but what he was practically forced to do. For three decades lie has fought for decent quarters and equipment for his work and not office has his cry been heeded by the authorities. It is at the feet of the latter Harvard should lay the blame for his loss. The President and Board of Overseers with their shameful neglect are accountable for today's announcement. Their guilt must not go unnoticed. The facts of the present case demand action to prevent their recurrence in the future. Not in years has there been such a justified need for an outburst of indignation from every Harvard man against the powers that be in the University as there is today.

To Professor Baker the CRIMSON extends its most sincere hope that in his new position his plans so long frustrated in Cambridge may reach a speedy and successful fulfillment. To Yale the CRIMSON with envy extends its congratulations not only for securing a man of such talents as Professor Baker but also for possessing governing authorities broad minded enough to look at the drama in its proper light and handsomely to provide for its instruction.