The officers of the Sophomore class announced last night the appointment of six Class committees. These are the Executive Committee, the Smoker Committee, the Dinner Committee, the Foreign Students Committee, and the Jubilee Advisory Committee. They also appointed the chairmen of the Red Book Supplement Committee. Heretofore this last committee has been called the Blue Book Committee.

Name Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of Bayard Livingston Kilgour Jr. of Cincinnati, O. President of the class; Alfred Henry Miller of Dorchester, class Vice-President; Frederick Vanderbilt Field of Lenon, Secretary and Treasurer of the class: and the following Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of the newly-appointed committees: Edward Hopkins Bailey of Arlington, Secretary of the Foreign Students Committee; Joseph Fels Barnes of Philadelphia, Pa., Editorial chairman of the Red Book Supplement Committee; John Randolph Burke of Milton, Editor in chief of the Red Book Supplement; Leo Francis Daley of Andover, Chairman of the Jubilee Advisory Committee; Alexander Donald of Milton, Vice President of the Dinner Committee: Laurence Hayden Duggan of New York City, Chairman of the Smoker Committee; Nathaniel Hamlen of Boston, Chairman of the Dinner Committee; Joseph Delano Hitch Jr. of Denver, Col., Vice-Chairman of the Dinner Committee; Carl Gustave Ture Lundell of Dorchester, Chairman of the Foreign Students Committee; John Livermore Prescott of Norwood, Business Chairman of the Red Book Supplement; and Isadore Zarakov, Sub-Chairman of the Smoker Committee.

Pick Smoker Committee

The Smoker Committee will make plans for the Sophomore Smoker which will be held after the mid-year examinations. L. H. Duggan is Chairman and Isadore Zarakov, Sub-Chairman of this body. The members of the committee are; Dwight Barnum of Boston; Joseph Choate Bickford of Pelham, N. Y.; James Calvin Cooley 2nd of Milton; John Brooke Durant of Cambridge; Richard Thomas Flood of Brookline; Geoffrey McNair Gates of Elyria, O., Lewis Henderson Gordon of Flushing, N. Y.; Willard Howard of West Roxbury; Henry Bigelow Jackson of Milton; Sidney Stanley Rudman of Roxbury; Oliver Stevens Sughrue of Boston; Christian Henry Weymer of Syracuse, N. Y., and John Fonda Ward Whitbeck of Bronxville, N. Y.

Hold Dinner Next Spring

The class Dinner will be held next spring. The Dinner Committee which is headed by Nathaniel Hamlen Chairman and J. D. Hitch Jr., and Alexander Donald, Vice-Chairmen is composed of Benjamin Clark Boeckeler of St. Louis, Mo.; Milton Henry Clifford of Bangor, Me.; Lawrence Coolidge of Boston; Joshua Raynolds Dean of Cohasset; William Partridge Ellison of Newton; John Monteith Gates of Elyria, O.; Courtlandt Sherrington Gross of West Newton; Austin Lamont of New York City; John Darwin Leekley of Muskogee, Okla., Carl Melville Lindner of Medford; Roger Magoun of Boston; John Newbold Robinson of Wakefield, R. L.; John Opdyke Rosecrans of Milwaukee, Wis.; Richard Sanders Scott of Wellesley; George Putnam Sturgis of Milton; Benjamin Eugene Swede of Conshohocken, Pa.; William Ullman of New York City; and Cecil Irton Wylde of Boston.

The Foreign Students' Committee of which C. G. T. Lundell is chairman and E. H. Bailey is secretary, is as follows; Hiram Heyworth Backus of Flushing, N. Y.; John Reardon Barry of Winthrop; John Wesley Brown Jr. of Lake wood, O.; Ernest Francis Gamache of Leominster; Ellsworth Charles Haggerty of Allston; and Madison Sayles of Belmont.

The Jubilee Advisory Committee is designed to aid the class of 1928 with their Jubilee next spring. Besides the chairman, L. F. Daley, the body consists of; Charles Eustis Bohlen of Philadelphia, Pa.; Charles Parsons Clifford Jr. of Milton; John Randolph Harrison of Short Hills, N. J.; Herbert Noel Rawlins Jr. of New York City; and Francis Minturn Sedgwick of Cambridge.