"Peter the Prince" has been selected by the Pi Eta Club as the title of its annual musical comedy, which will be presented in the Pi Eta Theatre for the first time on January 8.

Peter, a would-be author from an up-State New York village, who closely resembles a popular edition of a current prince, is the center of amusement in the production. He has tried without success to publish a book which he has written, and finally decides to go to New York City to interview a publisher. Unfortunately he arrives in the city on the very day on which the Prince, whom he resembles, is expected. He is taken for the Prince and the ensuing action arises from his mistaken identity. Mary, the heroine, serves to goad Peter on through his bad luck. Complications arise when her second suitor, Jake, who is a traveling salesman, arrives on the scene of action. This role is built around the sleight-of-hand ability of A. H. Stafford '26, who will play it, and his magic will provide much of the excitement.

Finney Author of Book

The book of the play has been written by Howard Finney '26, who also takes the leading role of Peter. Music is being written by Henry Scott '22, and A. A. Fisk '22. William Harkness '24 is writing the lyrics.

The head coach is G. V. C. Lord, who has been in charge of previous Pi Eta shows and some of Shubert's musical productions. J. W. D. Seymour '17 and W. V. M. Fawcett '21 will assist Mr. Lord, Dr. A. W. Wright '17 will supervise the music.

The schedule of performances has not yet been completely arranged. The opening night, January 8, will, however, be reserved for graduate members of the Pi Eta Club. It is expected that the first public performance in Cam- bridge will be held on January 9.

The cast is as follows:

Peter  Howard Finney '26Mary  C. R. Frazier '27Scrub-woman  M. H. Clifford '27Burnett  C. E. Baldwin '26Jake  A. H. Stafford '26The Prince  R. A. Dole '26Lord Corday  C. H. Morgan 1G.Lamborn Sisters  E. W. Martin '26  Alden Briggs '25Watt  J. M. Greeley '25Mrs. Van Rumple  R. W. Puffer '26Harmel  L. W. Grossman '2