New York Minister Has Made Numerous Sensations as Opponent of Dancing, Vice Prize Fights

"The Fakes and Fancies of the Evolutionists" will be disclosed by Dr. John Roach Straton, prominent New York Fundamentalist, in an address tonight at 8 o'clock in Peabody Hall of Phillips Brooks House. Arthur Bean '12, a member of the Speakers' Committee of Phillips Brooks House, will preside.

Prominent Vice-Crusader

Dr. Straton, who is pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church in New York City, has become nationally prominent during the last few years by his vigorous campaign against vice in New York, and by his fearless expression of his beliefs from the pulpit. During the last few months, he has encountered the Reverend Charles Francis Potter, one of the leading advocates of Modernism in a series of debates held in New York City. As Dr. Potter upheld the Modernist side of the debate in a lecture last October in the Phillips Brooks House, Dr. Straton's lecture will be in the nature of a reply to some of the sensational charges made by the Modernist leader at that time.

Thinks Dancing Degenerate

Dr. Straton has been a vigorous foe of modern dancing, and through his investigations has caused the arrest of several proprietors of New York dancing palaces. He believes that modern dances are a sign of degeneracy in the human race and carry along in their wake a riot of drinking and licentiousness.

In one of his attacks on the Modernists, he accused the American Museum of Natural History of New York "of juggling and manipulating the musty old bones in the Hall of the Age of Man exhibit, in order to prove that man ascended from the brutes". He also accuses the Modernists of "demoralizing their congregations and transforming their churches into club rooms and "social centers" and of "destroying soul-winning zeal and power in foreign lands through the poison of their teaching."

In his report on the Dempsey-Carpentier fight, which was circulated in 600 daily newspapers, Dr. Straton denounced the match as a "fraud and a relapse into Paganism" and compared it to the gladiatorial fights which debauched the Romans.

A graduate of Mercer University, Georgia, Dr. Straton was ordained a Baptist minister in 1900. He has won numerous oratorial prizes, is a trustee of the Anti-Saloon League of America, and the author of a series of books on religious questions He has been prominently identified with education and the church during the last twenty-five years, until today he is one of the most aggressive leaders of Fundamentalism.

Dr. Straton will be available for individual or group conferences in the parlor of Phillips Brooks House from 2 o'clock on. He will also be the guest of honor at an informal dinner, attended by the Christian Association cabinet, under whose auspices the meeting is to be held