May Add Nominations--Petitions With 25 Signatures Will Be Received Until Sunday at Crimson Building

Following, the provisions of the constitution of the Senior class of the University the Senior Nominating Committee yesterday announced the following nominations for class officers for the election which will be held on Wednesday, December 10:

For Marshall

Benjamin Franklin Rice Bassett of New York City.

Edward Mauran Beals Jr. of Boston.

Henry Traugott Dunker of Davenport, Iowa.

Malcoim Whelen Greenough of Boston.

John William Hammond of West Roxbury.

Sylvester Baker Kelley of Reading.

Philip Hunter Robb of Winchester.

For Treasurer

Walter Scott Blanchard of Concord.

Gardner Cowles of Des Moines, Iowa.

For Poet

John Marshall of Portland.

Hugh Whitney of Boston.

For Odist

John Adams Abbott of Lincoln.

George P. Ludlam Jr. of New York City.

For Orator

Philip Walker of North Brookfield

Paul Whitcomb Williams of New Bedford.

Ivy Orator

Finley Peter Dunne of New York City.

Robert Emlen Sumner of Boston.

For Chorister

Alden Briggs of Brookline.

Morris Lovejoy Brown of Springfield.

To Elect Three Marshals

From this list of men a First, Second, and Third Marshall will be selected and from the candidates for the other offices one man will be elected for each office.

Second Election December 16

A secretary, Class Day Committee, a Class Committee and the Senior Album Committee will be elected at another election that will be held on December 16.

Additional candidates for any office below that of Marshall may, with their consent, be placed on the list of nominees for Marshal by a petition, of at least 25 eligible voters. This petition must be handed in to a member of the Committee before 7.45 o'clock Sunday night at the CRIMSON Building. In that case his name will be automatically taken off the ballot for the office for which he was originally nominated. Petitions for additional nominations to the offices must also be signed by 25 eligible voters and handed in to the Committee before 7.45 o'clock Sunday evening. No man may resign a nomination after that hour on Sunday.

The list of Seniors who are eligible to vote in this election will be posted today at University Hall, Leavitt & Peirce's the CRIMSON Building, Phillips Brooks House, the Union, and Memorial Hall. Men who are left off this list may petition the Committee before Sunday evening at 7.45 o'clock for the right to vote on December 10. All questions concerning eligibility of a voter or any other matter pertaining to the election must be settled by the Nominating Committee. The Committee will hold office hours from 1.15 to 2.15 o'clock and from 6.45 o'clock to 7.45 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the CRIMSON building.

It has been announced that men may vote in the vestibule of Sever Hall and in Harvard Hall from 9 to 5 o'clock on December 10. For the specific benefit of men in the Engineering School who have their classes in Pierce Hall a ballot box will be placed in that building on election day from 8.45 to 11.30 in the morning