Win Unanimous Decision for Arguments Against Hazing in University

The Freshman negative team won the interclass debate championship last night on the question, "Resolved: That hazing be sanctioned at Harvard." The Juniors upheld the affirmative.

The Freshman team consisted of K. M. Bryan, E. C. Sibley, H. W. Buckler, and D. E. Scoll, alternate. The Juniors were represented by A. G. King, A. L. Nathanson, and W. C. McFerran.

The affirmative proposed hazing, in accordance with the Delta Alpha Plan used at Dartmouth, and pointed out that there was class hazing rather than-individual hazing. The negative contended that this would tend toward the old-fashioned forms with their objectionable features, particularly the risk of injury to the men, and would bring unfavorable publicity to the University. They further contended that hazing would not tend to create the sincere lasting friendship and the true college spirit which is fostered by the Harvard tradition of personal liberty. The judges awarded the negative a unanimous decision.