Stevens Picks Two Additional Boat-Loads--Hamilton and Bradford Swell Total to 26 Oarsmen

A group of 26 oarsmen will constitute the University Crew squad as a result of the tentative selection by Coach Stevens last night of two additional crews. Coach Shaw chose eight more men for his Freshman squad at the same time.

Besides the combination announced yesterday, the men will row temporarily as follows: Bow, B. F. Rice-Bassett '25; 2, C. O'D Iselin; 3, C. H. Hollister '24; 4, R. M. Raymond '24; 5, C. J. Hubbard '24; 6, J. D. Jameson '24; 7, G. D. Krumbhaar '26; Stroke, S. N. Brown '24. The other crew will be seated as follows: Bow, W. J. Milde '25; 2, J. R. Hoover '24; 3, V. F. Righter '26; 4, C. J. Darlington '26; 5, W. E. Stilwell '25; 6, Robert Winthrop '26; 7, Kent Leavitt '26; Stroke, Elisha Canning '26. In addition, Parker Hamilton '25 and Standish Bradford '24 were retained as substitutes. Frequent changes will be made in the line-ups from time to time.