Rank List Grouping Is Determined on "Four-Highest-Grades" Basis Says Office; New Classification in Effect March 11

The Dean's Office made public yesterday afternoon the basis of the mid-year rank list, which will go into effect for the three upper classes on March 11 and for the Freshman class on March 18. The statement was made for the purpose of clearing up the existing confusion occasioned by the changes in requirements.

All undergraduates in the University who meet their requirements at mid-years are ranked for the second half-year in one of six groups, as in the past. Students of the first three groups will be placed upon the Dean's List unless they are under discipline. The basis of ranking is the number of required courses, ordinarily four. In case a student takes more than the required courses, his group will be determined by his highest grades; that is, the extra courses will be considered those in which his grades are lowest with the single exception that if English is prescribed the grade in English must be included. Dropped and readmitted Freshmen will be ranked on the basis of four courses including prescribed English.

The requirements for the groups on the four-courses basis are: One, 4 A's; Two, 2 A's and two B's; Three, 4 B's Four, 2 B's and 2 C's; Five, 4 C's; Six, men ineligible for a higher group who meet their requirements. In all cases, the average grade is considered; an A and a C, for example, will count as two B's.