"Selecting the One Best Way to Work" to be Subject of Lecture

"Selecting the One Best Way to Work" will be the topic discussed by Mr. Frank Bunker Gilbreth before the Business School tomorrow at 7.30 o'clock at the Colonial Club.

All his life Mr. Gilbreth has made a specialty of studying the workingman from a standpoint of efficiency. A bricklaying contractor for a number of years, himself, he made an intensive study of this art, with the result that the rate of bricklaying was doubled. Mr. Gilbreth has investigated almost every branch of work with the same result. He has invented the micro-motion and chronocyclegraph processes for determining the fundamental units and methods of industrial education. Before a special background fitted with a dial to record the time element, Mr. Gilbreth's expert assistant photographs the best workers in each trade to illustrate their methods. At 4.45 today at the Hotel Brunswick, Boston, he will demonstrate the use of the moving picture camera as an aid in job analysis.