New Members Are Taken On in Eight Departments

At the election of members of the Harvard Dramatic Club last night, 15 new men were admitted to the club.

Acting Department: David Daniel Driscoll '26, of New York City; Donald Wait Keyes '25, of Rush, New York; Bernard Barton '24, of Cambridge.

Business Department: Harold Schulze Weber '25, of Cairo. Illinois.

Subscription Department: Charles Harian Johnston '27, of Des Moines, Lowa.

Electrical Department; Edward Bowers Siocum '26, of Burlington, Vermont; Milton Bachrach Glick '26, of Willard, Ohio; William Brewster Jr. '27, of Lewisburg, West Virginia.

Arts Department: Patrick Tracy bowell Putnam '25, of New York City; Ralph Sargent Bailey '26, of Wollaston.

Property Department: Chances Adrian Rubel '26, of New York City.

Stage Department: Paul Robert Went '26, of Auburn dale; Richard Baueroft '26 of Gardner.

Publicity Department: William lehabod Nichols '26, of Wilson. Connection; Richard Hinckley, Field, of Phillips, Maine.