Moore Upholds Lawn Tennis Association Stand Against Writing of Signed Articles by Star Amateur Players

Commenting on the recent player-writer problem which has been stirring the tennis world, Major F. W. Moore '93. Graduate Treasurer of the Athletic Association, heartily endorse the stand taken by the United States Lawn tennis Association, which will bar from amateur ranks year stars who profit substantially from there newspaper work.

"Any player who depends upon his game for his livelihood is certainly not an amateur," said Major Moore. "It would be perfectly right for Tilden and Richards to write and even get paid for it if the articles were unsigned. As matters stand new it is not so much what is in their articles as who wrote them. That gives them prominence. A similar thing happened with Ouimet, former open golf champion, who started to run a gold shop, but was forced to close it in order to remain as amateur. The various associations which govern these sports however, have not been at all consistent in their policy."

"But," the reporter asked him, "will we not lose either some very valuable players or some excellent articles on tennis?" "That is true," answered Major Moore, "but being paid for writing articles is very much the same as being paid for professional personal coaching, and, therefore, should not be allowed."