Massachusetts house 550 While 79 Are in California and 80 Abroad

The third edition of the Business publication of the second edition, will shortly be published by the Dean's office of the Business School, assisted by its Alumni Association. Chief among the significant figures compiled for the new edition are those on the distribution of 1.761 graduates of the School. Over 550 have remained in Massachusetts, while 218 have gone to New York City; 79 are in California, 87 in Illinois, 71 in Ohio, and 65 in Pennsylvania; more than 70 are living in foreign countries and of these 34 are working in China.

Association Utilizes Alumni Bulletin

The Business School Alumni Association, which maintains the interest of graduates by utilizing a section of the Harvard Alumni Bulleting sent gratis to all members of the Association, has been largely instrumental in helping the School place its graduates in the business world and in organizing these graduates into Business School Clubs in the various cities.

Mr. J. E. Hyde, G. B. '12, of the S. D. Warren Paper Company is president of the Business School Alumni Association Mr. M. B. Pinkham, G. B. '18 of the Sonora Phonograph Company is vice-president; and Mr. C. E. Fraser '21 of the Harvard Bureau of Business Research, is secretary treasurer.