One promotion in the Freshman eight and several shifts in the combination crew were noticeable when these two crews wept on the Thames yesterday morning. Barry has succeeded Shurtleff at seat seven in the Freshman boat, resuming a seat which he lost some time ago. The line-up of the combination crew is still very unsettled and shifts follow daily.

Barry's promotion to the first Freshman eight follows close upon that of Whitman, who two days ago returned to oar three. Just preceding the departure of the crews for Red Top last Sunday, Coach Shaw improved the power of the front end of his boat by demoting the three men in seats bow, two, and three. These were Bowles, Gates, and Whitman respectively. Of these three Whitman has returned to his former position.

Rows--Daily On Two-Mile Course

The Freshman crew is daily rowing the two-mile middle course, the distance over which the race with Yale is scheduled on the morning of June 20. The rowing order of the Freshman eight follows: stroke, Rice; 7, Barry; 6, Browning; 5, Captain Platt; 4, Locke; 3, Whitman; 2, Farnham; bow, Pierce; cox., Travis.

Yesterday the combination crew did not row but watched the University crews work-out. Their line-up as they will row today follows: stroke, Scudder; 7, Leavitt; 6, Iselin; 5, Shurtleff; 4, Gates '27; 3, Righter; 2, Canning; bow, Bowles; cox., Ely.

Jameson At Red Top

The University crews went over the four-mile course, which is becoming the daily program. Coach Stevens is still experimenting to obtain the best possible combination. The second University boat has Jameson as a substitute in it. Jameson rowed in the third University crew in Philadelphia last Saturday and was taken to Red Top at the last minute as an additional substitute, for Macomber had become slightly ill and his practising for the next few days was in question.

The Walters' crew continued their practise for a race with the Gales Ferry waiters sometime during Commencement week. Coach Newell is making frequent shifts, headwaiter Jones stroking yesterday.