(No student is permitted to take any books or papers into the examination room except by the express directions of the Instructor. No communication is permitted between students in an examination room on any subject what-ever.) TODAY Anthropology 2  Peabody Mus. Astronomy 2b  Astron. Lab. Chemistry 8 Abel to Faull  Sever 5 Ferguson to McKerrow  Sever 6 MacNutt to Zimmerman  Sever 11 Class. Archaeology 1b  Sever 30 Classical Philol. 44  Sever 30 Economics A Mr. Blackett, S.  Harvard 3 Mr. Bober, B. G. I. U.  New Lect. Hall Mr. Ellis, F. P. R.  Harvard 6 Mr. Gardner, E. J. O.  Geol. Lect. Rm. Mr. Mitchell, A. C. H. M.  New Lect. Hall Dr. Remer, D. K. N.  New Lect. Hall Mr. Roberts, L. T.  Geol. Lect. Rm. Economics 4b Aldrich to Splane  Emerson D Sprague to Zofnass  Emerson F English 54 Allen to Francillon  Sever 18 French to Mason  Sever 23 Morse to Zemon  Sever 24 Fine Arts 1a  Fogg Lect. Rm. Fine Arts 2b  Fogg. Mus. French 1, sects. I, II  Harvard 2 German 8  Sever 17 German 25b Ansbacher to Partridge  Harvard 5 Pierce to Zanetti  Holden Chapel Government 4  Sever 36 Greek B II  Sever 30 History 13b  Sever 35 History 51  Sever 17 History 56  Holden Chapel Italian 10  Sever 18 Mathematics A VI  Zool Lect. Rm. Mathematics C IV  Zool. Lect. Rm. Mathematics 2 III  Zool. Lect. Rm. Mathematics 13  Sever 17 Mineralogy 12  Geol. Mus. 22 Philosophy 3  Emerson A Physics 5  Zool. Lect. Rm. Spanish 8  Emerson A MONDAY Chemistry 7  Harvard 2 Comparative Literature 10 Ames to Mills  Emerson A Morley to Yerxa  Emerson F Comparative Literature 11 Adams to Harvey  Sever 17 Huberman to Levison  Sever 18 Levy to Yantia  Sever 23 Economics 32  Sever 18 English 35b Adams to Holmes  Sever 35 Isber to Wyatt  Sever 36 Fine Arts 5a  Robinson Hall French 1, sects, 3, 4, 5, 6 Mr. Lincoln's section 6  Sever 5 Mr. Penny's section 3  Sever 6 Mr. Miller's section 5  Sever 6 Mr. Kelsey's section 4 Evans to Parker  Sever 5 Pierce to Smyth  Sever 11 French 10  Sever 11 Government 13b Aldrich to Rovere  Harvard 5 Sponsler to Young  Harvard 6 Government 17b  Harvard 6 Greek G Arthur to Palmer  Sever 29 Puerto to Westhaver  Sever 30 Greek 15b  Sever 30 Latin B III  Sever 18 Latin 10  Emerson D Mineralogy 8  Mineral Lab. Music 4b hf  Sever 30 Philosophy 19  Emerson J Physics C Adams to Trevvett  New Lect. Hall Yernaglia to Yorks  Harvard 2 Physics 3b  Emerson J Slavic 1h  Harvard 2 Social Ethics 16  Emerson J