Speaker Gillett Already Obtained as Orator--Deny Claims That College and Law School Favor La Follette

Combating the newly-developed La Follette-Wheeler movement in the University, the Harvard Republican Club last night announced its intention of holding a big Coolidge-Dawes mass meeting early in October. At this meeting Speaker F. H. Gillett L. '77 of the House of Representatives and Republican nominee for the United States Senate has already signified his willingness to speak.

Others who will be in Massachusetts during the campaign aiding Speaker Gillett's fight and who are expected to lecture to University men are Attorney-General Harlan Fiske Stone, Secretary of War J. W. Weeks, Senator D. A. Reed of Pennsylvania, Congressman Nicholas Longworth of Ohio, and Eliot Wadsworth '98, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury. The executive committee at the University is cooperating with the speaker's bureau of the Republican state committee and has received assurance that some of the leading Republicans in the state will be assigned for this and two subsequent meetings to be held in the closing days of the campaign.

Concede Progressive Four States

Four western states are all that Chairman Julius Wadsworth '25 of the Harvard Republican Club says that Senator La Follette, Progressive candidate for president can carry (according to a statement issued to the CRIMSON yesterday). Davis will be confined to the solid South for his support and Calvin Coolidge. Republican nominee, will carry the election with 360 votes in the electoral college or 100 more than necessary to elect, says this statement.

Chairman Wadsworth reports an overwhelming sentiment for the Coolidge-Dawes ticket among the students returning to the University. "Men from the eastern states", he says, "while recognizing certain admirable qualities in John W. Davis, believe that the nomination of Governor C. W. Bryan of Nebraska for vice-president makes the Democratic ticket impossible."

Deny Claims of Progressives

Admission by the La Follette managers that they are in the field not to win but merely to defeat another candidate has hurt them very much with the rank and file of the voters, say members of the Republican Club. Denial of the statement issued to the CRIMSON yesterday by the La Follette-Wheeler supporters in the University is emphatically made at local Coolidge headquarters. Men from the middle West, where La Follette is making his appeal, fail to develop enthusiasm for the third party ticket, it is declared. That the Law School students are overwhelmingly supporting Davis and La Follette was also denied by administration supporters in the Yard. Because of La Follette's attack upon the integrity of the Supreme Court of the United States, which the law students view with suspicion, a decided majority believe in the honesty and character of "Silent Cal" to secure the rights of the Constitution, was the Republican's explanation.