Several Experts Will Speak in Agassiz House During Day

Several prominent members of the University faculty are included in the list of speakers for its second day of the conference on "Foreign Affairs" which is being held in Agassiz House at Radcliffe College this week under the auspices of the School on Politics.

Arthur N. Young, Chief Division Economic Adviser of the Department of State, will address the conference on "The Department of State and American Foreign Trade and Investment" at 10.15 o'clock. Immediately following this talk, Dr. Stanley K. Hornbeck, a lecturer at the University on the History of the Far East will speak on "Constant and Variable Factors of Far Eastern Relations". Dr. Hornbeck is the author of "Contemporary Politics in the Far East", and of numerous articles on current events in that part of the world.

Chaffee Will Deliver Address

At 2.15 o'clock this afternoon Dr. Zechariah Chaffee Sr., Professor of International Law at the University, will give an address on the "Constitution of Thought in Time of War and Its Effect Upon Peace." At 8 o'clock Professor Alfred North Whitehead, of the Department of Philosophy, will speak on 'Loyalties'. Professor Whitehead is Senator of the University of London and Dean of the Faculty of Science in that institution.