Dr. Wolfers Describes Modern Political Situation to Liberal Club--Expects Nationalists to Lose in Power

"Only among the young people in Germany today is there any effort to unite the nation on a common basis," said Dr. Arnold Wolfus, prominent Swiss, in the course of a speech at the Liberal Club last evening on the German situation.

"The older generation is divided into three camps with widely differing opinions. First there are the Nationalists, who are the survivals of the bureaucrats and Junker class left over by the war. They want revenge and a return to military monarchy. Then on the left wing are the Socialists, who stand for reform legislation, labor laws, and international friendship. They correspond in their ideals to your Progressive party and are not at all Marxian in their beliefs. Last of all are the Republicans, the party of the Bourgeoisie, who usually support the Socialists.

"Each of these parties has a different ideal for the new Germany. The Nationalists do a lot of talking and appear to be powerful, especially as they are at present in office, but the Socialists are really the strongest of the three. The Nationalists are in power today only because the Socialists encountered several difficulties in their application of the Dawes plan, and because the Republicans are supporting the Nationalists for the present.

"There is not the slightest chance of a monarchist uprising in Germany," Dr. Wolfers continued, "for the Socialists are the party of the future, the growing party, the party in which German youth is participating to the greatest extent.

"They are working for international good will, especially their younger members, who have contributed to a considerable extent to peace by their cooperation with the youth of other countries throughout Europe.