Study Cards Must Be Turned in by Wednesday Afternoon, January 21

Courses which begin the second half-year will be announced on the official Bulletin Boards today, according to an announcement made by Dean C. N. Greenough '98, recently.

Men should consult this list as soon as possible for according to a faculty ruling. "That undergraduate in Harvard College in residence during the first half year be required to submit their study-cards for the second half year not later than the last day before the beginning of the mid-year period," all study cards must be handed in by 5 o'clock on Wednesday, January 21.

Dean Greenough also requests that all men consult their advisers if they plan to add any half courses during the second half-year, or if they decide to drop any course already stamped on the card. A statement stating when and where advisers and instructors may be consulted is to be found in the back of the "Directory of Officers and Students of the University". All who failed to hand to their study-cards on time are subject to a fine of $5.00, and any change made in a man's study list after February 21 will also involve a one of $5.00.