Disappointment with Saturday's Showing Given as Cause

Princeton, N. J., October 13, 1925.--Coach Roper's dissatisfaction with the 15-6 verdict that the Tigers gained over Washington and Lee last Saturday was shown by the radical changes made since the game in Princeton's forward line. Only two regular forwards retained their standing, and even these were shifted.

Gates, veteran tackle and Princeton track star, was relegated to the scrubs; Davis and Crago, guards, and French, Moeser, and Baldwin also shared his fate and were missing from the first-string forward line.

Of the survivors, Captain McMillan, who has been holding down the pivot berth, has been moved over to guard. Bartell, up to now an end, has been put in the center to fill the place left vacant by McMillan's shift. Bartell is not a novice at the snapper-back position, having had experience as a center on his Freshman team two years ago.

Prominent Men Sent to Scrubs

The upheaval which has caused the shift of prominent athletes has also been responsible for the promotion of comparatively unknown men. Of the men raised, Keith, Darby, Rosengarten, and Jeffers, only the last two have been regarded as prominent, Jeffers having started the Amherst game at end. He failed to hold the position and has been working with the Seconds for the past week.

In Saturday's contest it was apparent that considerable progress has been made, but that there is still need for much improvement. The blocking was especially good, Slagle and Dignan having plenty of time to get off their punts, which averaged 47 yards. In the opening up of holes some improvement also was seen, but on the defense there was a woeful lack of it, and in the final quarter especially the Southerners reaped a harvest on off-tackle plays. An innovation in practice was made with the taking of individual pictures. Each player is to be photographed while tackling and interfering, and by this means his faults, it is expected, can be easily pointed out to him.