Hamilton MacFadden '21, who was this summer the director of the American Theatre at Salem, is now staging the play drawn from Rafael Sabatini's novel, "The Carolinian". The play is at present in Boston, at the Hollis Street Theatre, for a stay of a fortnight.

Mr. MacFadden, who was manager of the University Glee Club while he was in College, figured largely in the Glee Club's European trip in 1921. After he graduated he studied in Europe, and for a time directed amateur dramatics in Santa Barbara, Cal. Later he was an understudy to Roland Young in "The Beggar on Horseback."

Last spring he announced his intention of starting a repertory theatre, and after assembling several well-known actors and actresses and forming the American Theatre Repertory Company, he opened an eight-week season at the Empire Theatre in Salem. In June, when the first play was presented, Mr. MacFadden stated his hope of moving to New York at the close of the summer season.