In its last game before the encounter with the Yale Freshmen on November 14, the 1929 eleven smashed its way to a 35 to 0 victory over Cushing Academy on Saturday at Soldiers Field.

Hitherto undefeated, Cushing came to Cambridge with high hopes of breaking the Freshman eleven's clean slate. Coach Campbell's men, however, ran roughshod over the schoolboys and piled up the largest total they have made in four games.

When in the first period the Crimson machine swept a touchdown over the Cushing goal line and Putnam added three points with a 22-yard dropkick, Coach Campbell started putting in his substitutes in order to give them more experience before the Yale game. Twenty-eight players faced the crumbling Cushing outfit during the afternoon.

Cunningham and Putnam ploughed over the last Cushing line for two touchdowns each, and each of them added one point after touchdown. After a substitute line-up had entered the game, the 1929 reserve strength was shown when Wise went over for a fifth touchdown.

Captain French led his team for the first time and again looked like one of the best backs a Freshman team has had for some time. Burns was back at end after a layoff and played brilliantly, completing several passes thrown by French and Cunningham.

The summary: Harvard 1929  Cushing Burns, Geissler, Lawrence, Hollister l.e.  r.e. Desmercus Robinson, Faversham, Thackaberry l.t.  r.t. Brown Parkinson, Wolfe, Norris l.g.  r.g. Brogner Dorman, Kernan, Churchill, Anderson c.  c. Pohler Goodwin, Norris r.g.  l.g. Davis Clark, Harrison r.t.  l.t. Tairles O'Connell, Kroell r.e.  l.e. Stoneberg Putnam, Wise q.b.  q.b. Jackson Cunningham, Brine l.h.b.  r.h.b. Vatkins Moore, McGehee r.h.b.  l.h.b. Evern Smith French, Mills, Curran f.b.  f.b. Rumazzo

Score, 1929 35, Cushing Academy 0. Touchdowns, Putnam 2, Cunningham 2, Wise. Points after touchdown, Putnam, Cunningham. Goal from field, Putnam. Referee, McHugh, Umpire, Magowan. Head linesman, Wilson. Time, 15-minute quarters.