Current Attractions

Boston Opera House. "The Miracle" at 8.00

Shubert--"The Student Prince" at 8.10.

Tremont--"The Cocoanuts" at 8.00

New Park "The show-Off" at 8.15.

Colonial "Puzzles of 1921" at 8.10.

Hollis "Weeds" at 8.10

Wilbur "June Days" at 8.15.

Majestic "The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady" at 8.00.

Plymouth "The Firebrand" at 8.15.

Copley "The Creaking Chair" at 8.20.

Castle Square-"Abie's Irish Rose at 8.15.

Coming Plays

New Park--"The Grand Duchess and the Waiter" on November 9.

Repertory Theatre--"The rivals" on November 10.

Hollis "The School for Scandal" on November 16.

Tremont "George White's Seandals" on November 16.

Majestic "Artists and Models" on November 16.

Colonial "Stepping Stones" on November 16.

Wilbur "Old English" on November 22.

The Week's Movies

Exeter--"The Pony Express" and Stepping Out," continuous.

Fenway "Seven Keys to Baldpate" and "Simon the Jester," continuous.

Loew's Orpheum "The Gold Rush" Continuous.

Loew's State "Flower of the Night" continuous.

Metropolitan"--"Graustark", continuous.

Olympia--Why Women love," continuous.

Tremont Temple "The from Horse" at 8.15.