Dr. Alexander Meiklejohn, former president of Amherst College, recently appointed Professor of Logic at St. John's College in Annapolis. Md., will speak at Ford Hall tonight. His subject has been announced as "Thinking in a Democracy."

The Ford Hall Forum has also announced that Professor Hugh Mearns '02 of the Educational Department of Columbia University will speak at Ford Hall of Sunday. Both lectures will start at 7.30 o'clock.

His Educational Plans Unique

Dr. Meiklejohn, during the eleven years of his presidency at Amherst, built up a unique educational experiment which had its climax in his dramatic resignation two years ago in 1923. Since that date, Dr. Meiklejohn has spoken in various sections of this country and also in England and Scotland.

"During my last trip to England and Scotland, from which I returned October 24," Writes Dr. Meiklejohn, "I attended the Conference of the Labor Party at Liverpool, and the annual meeting for the drafting of the Labor policy. The party expressed its determined opposition to communism, and the meeting was described almost unanimously by the British press as indicating the complete return of Ramsay McDonald to control and leadership."

Professor Clarence R. Skinner, Mrs. Roland M. Baker, Mrs. Andrew N. Winslow and Mr. And Mrs. William G. Haselton are among those sponsoring tonight's lecture.

"Setting Free the Creative Sprit" will be the subject of Professor Mearn's talk on Sunday night. It will have an especial appeal to school teachers and educators in general. Invitations have been sent to every educator in Greater Boston. Professor Mearns emphasizes that his lecture is not only for teachers, but for parents as well, as he wants to explain how it is possible to get "from youth a richer product than is commonly obtained, and to give ample illustration of that product."