Combined Entertainment and Dance to Be Held Copley Plaza Ball Room

Special arrangements for Harvard men have been made by the Boston Junior League, in admissions to the ball and entertainment to be given Wednesday evening at 9 o'clock, in the Grand Ball Room of the Copley Plaza.

Dancing will begin immediately after a program of specialty acts and tableaux, which it is expected will be over by 11 o'clock. The music will be furnished by Wittstein's orchestra from New Haven.

The entertainment program, which will be out on by members of the Junior League and their guests, shows a wide variety of acts. The first is a tableau representing the legend of the Sleeping Beauty, for which all costumes are done in pastel shade. In contrast to this, further down the program, is a plantation scene in full action, consisting of the singing and dancing of the darkies, and an active demonstration of the Charleston.

Tickets for the evening will be sold at six, five, and four dollars apiece. Harvard students will be admitted for two dollars.