Harvard Astronomist Will Visit Four Universities This Spring

Dr. Harlow Shapley, Paine Professor of Practical Astronomy at Harvard College Observatory, has been appointed Visiting Lecturer to the universities of Belgium by the Commission for Relief in the Belgium Educational Foundation. He will visit the four Belgian universities in April and May of 1926.

After one general lecture in Brussels. Professor Shapley will give a series of three or four lectures at each of the four Belgian universities, Louvain, Liege, Ghent, and Brussels. The subjects of these lectures will include "Evolutionary Aspects of Stellar Variation". "The Dimensions of the Sidereal Universe". "The evolution of Stellar Systems", and "Notes on the Origin of the Earth."

Doctor Shapley is the fourth professor to be appointed to this visit on Lectureship in recent years. The others were Dr. R. A. Millikan of the California Institute of Technology and Professor Paul Strong of Yale University. The former received an honorary degree at Harvard last June.