Capable Team Faces Bowdoin Today in Hemenway Gymnasium

Despite the loss by graduation of two of its last year's members, the University fencing team will have a strong line-up when it faces Bowdoin at 3 o'clock this afternoon in the Hemenway Gymnasium. E. H. Lane '24 and E. L. Lane '24 have graduated leaving Captain R. A. Durham '25 as the only member of last year's championship team. A. G. Carrillo '26, and Howard Finney Jr. '26 will be the other two members of the team. Both are experienced foilsmen.

The match will be in the nature of a private contest since the Intercollegiate Fencing League Schedule does not begin until March 7. On that date the University foilsmen will oppose the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard, Yale, and M. I. T. compose one division of the League this year.