Freshman Team Loses to Andover in First Match of Season

Norwich College wrestlers were completely overwhelmed by the University team Saturday evening, when the Crimson won every match, scoring 25 points. The closest contest was that between Captain F. B. Hayne '26 and Peck of Norwich; the two men were evenly matched and the struggle was a hard one.

Other matches were won by Milton Krook '25, R. J. Goldberg '26, Carl Stearns '26, R. D. Harmon '26, H. R. Wood '27, F. B. Hayne '26 and C. H. Bradford '26. The longest bout was 8 minutes 52 seconds, and the shortest was 3 minutes 37 seconds.

The Freshman team, in its initial meet of the year, was less successful and succumbed to Andover by a score of four matches to two.

En route to Andover the Freshmen elected Thorndike Dudley Howe 1E.S. of Boston as captain. The winning 1928 wrestlers were Green and Captain Howe, and the remaining members of the team were C. C. Carson, Frederick Hedges, C. C. Goodrich and Earl Dash off.