A cake of ice floated past Newell Boat House yesterday afternoon bearing a long, dark object that looked suspiciously like a body, even to having a ghastly white splotch at one end which closely resembled a human face. Coach Brown, standing on the float with Coach Stevens and a CRIMSON reporter, was the first to see it. "Good God", he cried, "what's that?" Coach Stevens whirled about quickly and glared in the direction Brown was pointing. He took one look, and then shouted to a colored gentleman, who was working over the engine of a motor boat, "Charlie, go get that corpse." Charlie threw in the clutch so fast that he killed the engine, but after working feverishly at it for a few minutes, he finally coaxed it to life, and made for the ominous cake of ice. He circled around it, gazing intently for several minutes, while those on the float held their breath. Finally he headed for the boat house. The spectators stood on tiptoe. As the boat drew hearer, a wide grin could be seen stretching Charlie's mouth from ear to ear, "Boss", he shouted, with a loud guffaw, "that ain't no body. That's a heap of ashes."

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