An extraordinary athletic event is scheduled for sometime in the near future in the form of a Tandem bicycle race. Not only is this unique contest unprecedented since the days of the "high wheelers," but it will determine the supremacy, in this particular activity, between the college and the graduate schools.

J. B. Emory 21, and S. H. Humes 2L, known as the "Mutt and Jeffs," together with Paris Fletcher 1L and L. T. Wade 2L, or the "Appleknockers," are the Law School cycle aces. Each pair possesses a two-seated machine and have proclaimed their proficiency in the sport by issuing a challenge to all comers. An undergraduate duet, who withhold their names for the present, have accepted the offer under the title of "Authony and Cleopatra," and have began rigorous training.

Although a place for the race has not been definitely settled, it will probably be held either on upper Massachusetts Avenue or Soldiers Field Road.